Scotland + Venice

I would love to be in Venice to experience this in the Architectural Biennial 2012.  Its been done before in various shapes and forms, but this looks great and the feedback etc on the website is really interesting.  Have a look:

Architectural Biennial 2012 with Scotland + Venice

Anthony and Alice

Anthony and Alice

Anthony and Alice video and photography work is really interesting.  As I have been thinking more about my thesis project, and how a guided tour in Edinburgh of my website (that’s still being built) instead of a curated weekend (maybe that’s for the future) and the engagement with the publics is what the thesis is at the root of.  Anthony and Alice as tour guides for my project would be one of those ideal moments, highly unlikely as I am skint and can’t pay anything!  But maybe some of their thoughts might go along way if I ask some advice on the tour.

This is a great blog, full of great information and definitely a source of inspiration.  Kate’s comments on permissions and in particular Anthony Shrag have certainly stirred the pot in my mind about my own tour in Edinburgh project. Really interesting thoughts have come from Kate’s Saturday Afternoon. Permissions … can be a tricky one to navigate.  Edinburgh demands order on so many ways and this is one point in my thesis I will touch upon; the paternalistic sheep herding that sometimes goes on, but thankfully one or two always go on the run.


Permission has been coming into conversations the last few days. Johnny Gailey first highlighted it as key to ATELIER PUBLIC  when he visited the exhibition in November. Since then I have been aware of how *permission*, given or not, is key to work around play & creativity.

On Saturday I had a day for art through in Edinburgh. After having negotiated a ‘permit’ to go from the family. I gave myself permission to spend the whole day though there and had a little itinery planned, including catch up with a friend.

As with all plans this didn’t include chance encounters but they made the day. The first was on the train with @rrrachelllll. I would have seen her later at the Tim Rollins & K.O.S talk, but the opportunity to chat on a 45 min train journey from Glasgow to Edinburgh was too good to miss. I couldn’t go…

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